With the holidays approaching and my ongoing quest to expand the blog, I’ll be posting product photos (all of which will I will take) and information here. Expect mostly clothes, occasional electronic.

Ecco Key West Boat Shoe – Coffee colored

Found these at the Ecco store in the Mall at Milenia on sale for $100. They’re listed here at their full price. As a big time sneaker guy, a slightly more formal look is always welcome.



Express Striped V-Neck Cardigan

I bought a cardigan from Express last fall. It’s all black and I get plenty of use out of it. Of all the Express cardigan’s this season, this one might be might favorite. Embroidered patch gives it collegiate/varsity feel. Comes in three colors, $59.99.




J. Press Wool Vest

The odd vest, or one that is worn without the other two parts of a three-piece, is a great way to look sharp in the any scenarios. And in this case, stay warm doing it. $88.00, Urban Outfitters. If there’s such thing as a “Yale look” or Yale aesthetic, you can definitely piece it together shopping around New Haven. The Gant store would be the one-stop shop for sure.

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