The Battle of Ft. Glee

My twitter world was polarized last night, and it didn’t even take 140 characters. Five words, actually, is all it took to put my twitter friends at odds.

When I was Entertainment Editor at The Review, I pitched a story about guys who watch what would otherwise be considered female marketed shows, but are ashamed to admit this in the public forum. The fear being that once this admittance is made, you risk open ridicule, and attacks on your masculinity. Whenever Glee is mentioned around guys, at least the guys I know, there’s another g word that accompanies it. But with Glee, there’s a counter backlash to any bashing. The above tweet was met with outrage.”That’s one of the rudest things you’ve said, ever” one person replied. “Don’t you dare ever talk about glee that way unless you wanna get smacked mister!” another one said, threatening violence over their beloved show.

What makes Glee different then, that not only are people, even males, open about their adoration, but defend the show with such passion? Speak ill of this show? How dare you!

Personally, I’ve never seen a single episode, and the closest I’ve come has been reading the GQ cover story last month. I am a fan of Jane Lynch however, whatever that counts as. But high school shows have never appealed to me. I abstained from High School Musical fever, and Gossip Girl is going to lose out to NBA League pass every night. As for musicals or musically themed shows, it pretty much starts and stops at Digital Shorts.

So, Glee is not for me. However, I am aware that, for what it is, it’s a well done show. The songs do well, episodes address worthwhile topics, and the writing is good enough to be nominated with shows like Modern Family and 30 Rock.

Is it possible that I’m not giving the show a chance simply because the very foundation of it disagrees with me? Sure, but I also have zero Lady Gaga and Britney Spears on my iPod, so where’s the attraction?

I’m a rap loving, football watching guy who likes explosions and smart humor. Glee is not for me. But the hatred, the hopes for cancellation stem from more than disinterest.

Glee is everywhere, and for those of us who are disinterested, those feelings begin to warp into something a little more sinister. “Gleeks” tweet and post their every flux of emotion. The cast is seemingly comprised of 25 stars, each of whom makes the late night circuits. They grace magazine covers, get radio play, HOST AWARD SHOWS! This must be how adults feel about Jersey Shore.

I don’t necessarily wish doom upon the Glee cast or it’s fans, but I understand where my man berkowitzb is coming from. Enough already with the Glee overload. Keep your inner most thoughts about Gweneth Paltrow’s performance to yourself, because twitter is comprised of gleeks and non-gleeks alike. Besides, if dude has an opinion, no need to swarm on him. Glee is not for us, and neither are your tweets. Enjoy your show, I’m sure it’s wonderful.

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Cheers to the Roc

On the podcast I put out yesterday, I mentioned J. Cole’s new mixtape, Friday Night Lights. For those who don’t know the Fayetteville, NC rapper, he was the first to sign to Jay-Z’s new label, Roc Nation and got a lot of people buzzin’. If you still think Drake is up and coming, then you’ve got some catching up to do. What’s great about Cole is not only is he returning to true lyricism, shying away from get-airplay-quick schemes, he also produces a bulk of his own tracks.

The same night FNL was released to the web, Jay-Z announced another artist aligning with Roc Nation — Jay Electronica. Jay Elect has been on the verge of big things, earning praise from Nas, and releasing a huge street single in “Exhibit C” last year. His slowed down, more cerebral flow separates him from the pack. His approach is calculated, skilled, deadly.

So what does it mean now that these two have chosen none other than young HOV as their leader? Many things. It means that these guys won’t see their hype extinguish the way Saigon or Papoose did. Jay-Z has the business sense and industry experience to get each of their projects on shelves and in position to make a heavy impact. It also means the Dynasty might be entering it’s second coming. A second era. A new chapter in the history book. Cause in my book? Jay Elect + J.Cole > Beanie Segal + Memphis Bleek. Pledge your allegiance.

Ok, I’ll put the rap to rest for a little bit.

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OTG Podcast #1

Here it is, the first audio podcast. My good friend Alex Rush and I talk about all things rap coming out this month, from the two CDs that have already been released, to what we’re looking forward to in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

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UD Homecoming 2010

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Had To Do It

I’m headed home
I’m almost there
I’m on my way
Headed up the stairs

Pictures of the festivities to come this weekend. Also, this is a good place to mention the new Pictures page I created. It’s an archive of all the photos I took for the blog. It will not include web pulled images, but may feature pics I wouldn’t normally put in a regular post.

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Notable Vember

It’s finally November. Horrah! In less than 5 days, I’ll be on an early morning flight headed to Delaware to celebrate my first Homecoming as an alum. I’ve been looking forward to this month for, well, months.

November also rings Manvember for those looking to harness their masculinity. If you’re wondering why Halloween gave way to all the guys you know dressing like Chuck Norris and Grizzly Adams, that’s why.

But I’ve been looking forward to November for a third reason, one that involves neither face paint nor flannel. One of the first posts I wrote for this blog was about how Hip-hop albums have a tendency to flood in all at once. This summer brought us new music from Eminem, Drake, Big Boi, Rick Ross and Bun B. The thought would be that, after such a heavy rush, we’re due for the coldest winter. Wrong. November is going to be a rap fan’s early Christmas.

November 2 — Nothing by N.E.R.D.;  November 9 — Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager by Kid Cudi; November 22 — Trunk Muzik 0 to 60 by Yelawolf, H.F.M. 2 by Lloyd Banks, Pink Friday by Nikki Minaj, and of course, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. That’s six albums I’m looking forward to in three weeks, and four in the one. If I had to rank my anticipation I’d say something like this: 1. Kanye 2. Lloyd Banks 3. Nicki Minaj 4. Kid Cudi 5. N.E.R.D. 6. Yelawolf. But they’re all so different in style that I may not be able to resist consuming them all. I’ve been using the below snippet to keep me sane until then. Kanye knows how to kill it with the horns, right?



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