Cheers to the Roc

On the podcast I put out yesterday, I mentioned J. Cole’s new mixtape, Friday Night Lights. For those who don’t know the Fayetteville, NC rapper, he was the first to sign to Jay-Z’s new label, Roc Nation and got a lot of people buzzin’. If you still think Drake is up and coming, then you’ve got some catching up to do. What’s great about Cole is not only is he returning to true lyricism, shying away from get-airplay-quick schemes, he also produces a bulk of his own tracks.

The same night FNL was released to the web, Jay-Z announced another artist aligning with Roc Nation — Jay Electronica. Jay Elect has been on the verge of big things, earning praise from Nas, and releasing a huge street single in “Exhibit C” last year. His slowed down, more cerebral flow separates him from the pack. His approach is calculated, skilled, deadly.

So what does it mean now that these two have chosen none other than young HOV as their leader? Many things. It means that these guys won’t see their hype extinguish the way Saigon or Papoose did. Jay-Z has the business sense and industry experience to get each of their projects on shelves and in position to make a heavy impact. It also means the Dynasty might be entering it’s second coming. A second era. A new chapter in the history book. Cause in my book? Jay Elect + J.Cole > Beanie Segal + Memphis Bleek. Pledge your allegiance.

Ok, I’ll put the rap to rest for a little bit.

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