Compelled to ‘like’

The question for me isn’t whether I will or won’t see “The Social Network,” but do I even have a choice? Do you have a choice? We all use facebook, and my guess is that a good number of the people reading this are doing so because I posted a link on facebook. It has brought us together, reader and writer. It is a communication tool, an investigative tool, and a device of both recreation and distraction for nearly everyone you know. So there’s no denying the website’s (somewhat scary) relevance in all of our lives. The market for ‘The Social Network” is, dare I say, as large as the network itself. I had no interest in seeing it, though. The story didn’t strike me as gripping or all that exciting, one that was pulled from the recent past, and scribed quickly enough to target all the masses whose collective (sub) + conscience was directed at that stupid site to begin with. And then the early reviews came out. Unwaveringly positive across the board. The best of the fall, and quite possibly the year. A 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. A film reflective of the new generation that sculpted and subscribes to this cultural phenomenon. With 10 slots, it will surely get a Best Pic nom, and from the looks of it, could have real potential of winning. The writing, directing, and acting are all being applauded, and as we sit two days away from it’s October 1 release, you should know the true question at hand. Not do you want to see it, but do you have a choice not to?

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