BE: “The Ivory Tower”

Did I hear that right? One of Margaret’s children is named…Theodore. That made my night. Score 1 for the Theodore’s of the world. And two for the Nucky’s of the world. This episode moved quicker, but oddly enough contained a lot less plot movement. Nucky and Rothstein are seemingly on a crash course for either assassination or shootout. I’m hoping the latter. Rothstein finishes with the best bit of dialogue for his pool ball story, and Nucky only had one I-get-the-last-word-because-I-say-it-as-I’m-walking-away-from-you-moment, and it happened early on and had no F-word in it (read: disappointment). For two episodes in a row, the series has hinted at racial issues as a back drop for the story. Black face last episode, KKK advertisements this one, there are also other. more subtle moments that you may or may not have caught. Felt a little bad for the journalist in this episode, seeing as I can empathize with his agenda, but not bad enough to not enjoy Al Capone’s statement to the side of his head. On the subject of Al, not cool playing Jimmy like that, even though the kids clearly lost and over his head, he’s also the easiest to root for. Especially when his “french style” is interrupted. And that wasn’t the only sexual favor that was, cheers to the ending.

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One Response to BE: “The Ivory Tower”

  1. Ralph says:

    And they call him “Teddy.” At least that’s how it’s listed on the IMDB link.

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