BE: “Boardwalk Empire”

First episode was titular, so the above heading format doesn’t work so great, but I’m going to stick with it for the first season. The pilot was certainly slow, and from what I’ve read, it can be considered the worst episode, which is ironic since it’s the only one Scorsese directed. It is definitely high on style and dramatic exposition, taking it’s time (1 hour 15 minutes) to set up the series structure. Steve Buscemi plays our protagonist, Nucky Thompson, the two-talking, corrupt, Atlantic City Treasurer who has a penchant for dropping the f-bomb when walking away from a conversation. He did that three times, and I really hope it becomes his signature goodbye. (The best: “I already got what I want, so what the f*** do we have to talk about?”) The other main role is played by Michael Pitt, a Leonardo DiCaprio Jr., whose character has just returned from WWI and is eager to serve Nucky as brutally as possible. The developing scenes are confusing, as it seems everybody is friends and enemies at the same time. If you stick through it though, everything clears out, and your left with a highly combustible landscape of mobsters and politicians. The first episode is slow, yes, but haven’t we all learned to trust HBO with these kind of things? Episode Two airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

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