My TV preview yesterday was admittedly thrown together in haste, and I overlooked a few things. First, my comments on “Outsourced” didn’t explain my take fully. I know it will be horrendous, but will consider subjecting myself for maybe 5 minutes just to see how horrendous. I don’t think I have the patience or time for “The Event” and seeing how last nights episode went unwatched and unrecorded, we can mark that one as a ‘pass.’ After further investigation, “Running Wilde” and “Sugar Honey Iced Tea My dad Says” both look unpromising (if that’s even the right antonym) so forgive me for even considering. But my biggest error was failing to mention “Boardwalk Empire,” HBO’s new Martin Scorsese directed series. It’s currently on the DVR shelf, waiting for me to open up and indulge. Expect weekly, commentary/observations/questions. Regimenting my blog posts helps, ya know. Also, those who picked “Dancing with the Stars” at 25:1 odds, congratulations, that’s what I watched. Or rather, that’s what was switched to when the MNF game was at break by someone other than me. Is there any way to redeem myself from this admittance?  No? I’ll watch nothing but UFC and Man vs. Food for the rest of the week, I promise.

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