Ya Dig

Netbook has been restored back to life, which means many things. One of which is that I can start downloading music again. I started last night with Diggy Simmons’ new mixtape, Airborne. Diggy is the 15-year-old son of Rev Run, member of Run DMC and star of Run’s House. That’s where America first met Diggy, and now the kid’s blasted off with a music career of his own. I sat down with Rev Run a couple months ago, just before it was announced that Diggy was going to be positioning himself as the newest Simmons family rapper. Airborne is a galactic exploration, allowing Dig to unroll his nimble flow and pair his skills against some more proven mentors. Chris Brown, Raekwon, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell all appear on the tape. Genetics aside, the little man takes a pretty interesting stance, opting not to curse and keeping his subject matter PG. There’s some Will Smith potential there, if he can learn to get past pedialite deepness like “Big Bad World” (“does happiness grow on a tree” is bad enough once let alone on repetition, and then there’s the hook), and tap the commercial heartbeat like Big Willy Style. Here’s the opening track, I could do without the intro, but it works well to show how he plans to attack this rap ish, both mentally and lyrically. That “I’m a Rapper’s Delight, these are The Breaks, so here’s The Message, I’m on my way!” line is pretty telling.

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