To the critics critic

As someone who has written reviews on both movies and music, it is standard practice for me to read critical review, and let the words and opinions of these professionals influence my purchasing decisions. But there are surely exceptions to the rule — I love “MacGruber” despite its 29% on Rotten Tomatoes from Top Critics — and as I discovered recently, people who not only disregard critical opinion, but will dismiss it as a reference point for an argument in defense or attack of a work (“Because if critics enjoy something, it’s definitely good”). I suppose the disclaimer that goes here is one of “everyone has an opinion….” and we are all allowed to go against the grain when it comes to film or music we like. For those who ignore critics reviews, or consider them snobbery, I ask you, what about the concept of consensus? That’s all the RT rating is, a critical consensus on how good or bad the film is. There are, of course, outliers with every experiment, but to consider the consensus when debating the merits of a film is far from elitist, it’s perfectly reasonable. If you are sitting at dinner and everyone grabs a portion of a dish, and tells you its amazing, aren’t you then more likely to have some yourself? If you are considering pursuing that certain someone across the room, but everyone you know tells you that he/she has been around the block and it won’t be a good look for you at all, wouldn’t you stay away instead? I know some of this is common sense and goes without saying, but for those who purposefully ignore critic’s reviews, or mock those of us who hold them highly, remember, the professional consensus is worth checking out and taking to heart. Especially afterwards,  you may find you were right on base with your reception, or horribly missed the point of it all together.

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