The 2010 VMAs are a day away, the same night as the Season 3 finale of True Blood actually, so tomorrow night will be a plentiful TV night for me. For those looking for a quick fix guide to, allow me to wrangle some information.

  • Check here for my initial projections and predictions for this year’s show. Some of them have already come true. 
  • This was my running diary from last year. Expect a similar post by Monday.
  • Chelsea Handler is the host, replacing Russell Brand after two years of duty. Seems like MTV is keeping with the shock-humor. Expect one person to be salty after Handler starts throwing jabs (Remember the Jordin Sparks-Jonas Brothers defense?).
  • Eminem will open the show — sans Rihanna. So I’d bet on a “Not Afraid” performance.
  • Other performances include Kanye West, Justin Bieber, B.o.B., Florence and the Machine, and Drake (who looks to be doing his latest single, “Fancy”).

Get your popcorn ready, because the VMAs have built a reputation as the most off-the-wall award show of the year. As I said in my forecast, expect one moment to grab all the headlines like last year, I just hope to god Kanye stays clear of it.

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