King ’em

My attitude toward the three or four Eminem songs that dominated the summer varies. Loved the “Airplanes” remix verse, could appreciate “Not Afraid” for its commercial appeal, pretty much never felt “Love the Way You Lie” and continued to dislike it as everyone else went the other way with it. I have a bad habit of turning cold on a song because of one or two lines. (In this case, it’s the “window pane” rhyme he uses to close out the second verse. Just really unimaginative and disappointing from a guy who has made a career staying clear of those words.) However, with all that said, Em proved he’s got the rap game figured out. Recovery went double platinum midway through August, and he’s killing the charts with “Love the Way You Lie” — it’s been the number 1 song in the country for 6 weeks now; that’s going back to the week of July 31. It was in the number 2 slot for three weeks before that. His comeback mission was completed with artful brilliance, even if diehards think he’s fallen off a bit. There’s a decent amount of vulnerability and introspection, but almost no signs of Slim Shady – or, the crazed psychotic side that drew some to dude in the first place. My picks are “Cinderella Man” and “Seduction.”

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