Best Movies of Summer 2010: #5 The Karate Kid

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 67%

Opening Box Office: $55.66 Million

Forget the barely passing rating, and consider this: In a season plagued by disappointments, slow starts, and lackluster box office, how is it that a PG rated remake was able to gross $176 million domestically? The answer has layers. First, this was the summer of kids movies (as the remainder of the list will prove), and in terms of kids movies that parents are willing excited to see themselves, nothing beats “The Karate Kid.” It’s both an introduction and a re-visitation at the same time. Have Will and Jada Pinkett Smith behind the project as producers, and the answer begins to look clearer and clearer. You might even say it kicks you in the face (crane style, of course).

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