Worst Movies of Summer 2010: #1 Vampires Suck

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 4%

Opening Box Office: $12.2 Million

I had the displeasure of seeing one of these ” ______ Movies” and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. The unimaginative parodies that think the best way to mock something is to turn it into complete trash. I saw “Epic Movie,” and if you saw anything like it — “Meet The Spartans” “Superhero Movie” “Date Movie” — than you know that these reoccurring pictures are to cinema what Spencer and Heidi are to civilization as a whole. Of all the grading categories, this craps out across the board. Terrible rating, low box office, unknown cast (except for Ken Jeong), no appeal whatsoever. On the subject of Ken Jeong, him being in this movie makes me both nervous and curious. Nervous because I love him and think he’s hysterical but being involved in this atrocity can’t be good for his career. Curious because I love him and think he’s hysterical and there’s a remote possibility he’s funny in this. But I would rather be trapped in a trunk in the Las Vegas sun than watch “Vampires Suck.”

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