Worst Movies of Summer 2010: #4 Charlie St. Cloud

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 27%

Opening Box Office: $12.38 Million

This is easily the least appealing movie for men of all ages since the history of time. So much about this film repels me that any mention of seeing it is immediately taken as sarcasm. This would be a little further down the list due to it’s (comparatively) high score but it lands at #4 because of the double whammy that is Zac Efron and tear-jerker. Tack on bad reviews (“sentimental ghoulish nonsense” – A.O. Scott) and “Charlie St. Cloud” is a movie I want nothing to do with. Of the grading criteria, the question “If I did see this movie, what, if any, enjoyment would I take from it?” results in a big fat zero. Watching this movie would be torture.

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