Worst Movies of Summer 2010: #9 Grown-Ups

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 11%

Opening Box Office: $40.5 Million

“Grown Ups” has a lot of things in its favor, the largest of which is cast. Sandler, Rock, James, Spade: how can it be bad, right? Well, it makes sense. Adam Sandler’s entire routine is immaturity. The Billy Madison giberish stands out as a pretty choice example. So a movie about the hilarity of adulthood didn’t quite match up. Tack on the rest of the headlining cast, and “Grown Ups” ends up being a full-grown disappointment.  Kyle Smith of the New York Post: “When Grown Ups star and co-writer Adam Sandler repeatedly slapped Rob Schneider in the face with a dehydrated banana, I was jealous of Schneider, who suffered less than I did getting slapped upside the head by this rotting fruit of a comedy.”

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