Van Goh S—

I don’t mean to write exclusively about remixes, but today’s a special day. A few weeks back, Kanye promised the “Power” remix featuring Jay-Z. He said (Part 6)  it would come Friday, so we waited, and nothing. Well, it did surface on a Friday, just a week late. I’ve listened to it three straight times now, and it’s making me excited, happy, pumped, ready for my day, ready for the weekend, ready for Kanye’s 5th album. And on the subject of that CD, it looks more likely than not that he’ll do Eminem numbers. Whether he’s using viral marketing, or taking radio stations hostage, Yeezy is mounting the excitement. Release an unfinished not-even-official-single here, delay a remix there; release an innovative but frustratingly short video here, then absolutely kill everything in sight when you finally deliver the remix. I referred to him as “quite possibly my favorite artist” sometime earlier and it becomes truer with every passing day. I know I’m doting, but damn, tell me this isn’t fire.

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