Runaway Remix

If I were a different person, I would declare this the first sign of the apocalypse. Raekwon, member of the Wu-Tang Clan, has confirmed that he will indeed be featured on the remix to Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love,” as Kanye West suggested earlier this week. For those unfamiliar with The Chef, allow me to educate (he’s on the first verse). And this. I’ll wait while you watch….ok, doesn’t strike you as meshing with Bieber, right? Well, oddly enough, our pint-sized Canadian heartthrob has sizable street cred. Drake brought him out at a concert last week, and you can vote for kids’ video on 106 and Park (or rather, you could). Here’s proof that I’m not making all of this up. Here’s the question put a little more bluntly. Now, my take on Bieber fever is one that some might call embarrassing. I think the kid’s got a couple of catchy songs, and I’m not afraid to say it. It seems though, that, as a male, it is required for me to despise him. But now that he’s going to mix it up with a rap legend, maybe all of that changes. Now, I’m not buying his album, or rocking this anytime soon, but good pop music is good pop music, plain and simple. Maybe Rae wants some crossover success, or maybe he’s doing it for his kids, but, sorry rap fans (peep those comments), it’s happening. You can run for cover or bask in it, your choice. Here’s the original for your viewing pleasure.

Updates: This makes me 100x more excited.

“All I did was ride the beat and listen to what he was singing to. I can go basic when I want to. I can go rated R, I can go rated PG. I definitely didn’t give him anything that I thought was too hot to be spoken on by a 16-year-old. I know how to read beats, and listening to the record, I just complemented. At the end of my 16 [bars], when you do hear Justin coming, it fits and it’s a great sound. I didn’t go crazy. One thing people gotta recognize about me, I’m the Chef. I know how to make spicy food, I know how to make food that ain’t spicy. I made something that fit the criteria. Me and Kanye are just here to sprinkle a little bit more love on this man’s success and all our success.”

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