Weaverville, N.C.

Silence. Some people go crazy from it, some people go crazy without it. This is the road leading up to the plot of land where my uncle and his friend live, build homes of their own, and enjoy the silence. It’s the kind of place a GPS can’t take you, in a town that just recently passed a law allowing alcohol to be served by the drink. I like to say I’m a metropolitan kind of guy, but the serenity of looking out at that view above, knowing you won’t be bothered by traffic, or solicitors, or really, anything, is undeniable. I’m in Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe right now, where my uncle works. His recommendation of the Almond Croissant was much appreciated. How big of a limb would I be going out on to say it was the best croissant I ever had?

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