Newark, Del.

Define home. I always loved how at the start of each semester campus would feel exactly the same as when I left. It’s like you never missed a day, never missed a beat. Things flow seamlessly; revisiting those familiar and not-soon forgotten tastes, reverting back to my old ways without even thinking or noticing. My first time back in town since graduation and the feeling’s the same. The appearance may be constantly changing (any students, former or current, will tell you how quickly businesses and buildings go up and down around here) but this town is small enough feel like home, always. A night out at the bar with some old friends left my head full of ache and insight. Ballyhoo!, a Maryland band held in quite high regard by some of my college friends, played the Deer Park Tavern last night, allowing a final opportunity to say farewell to some familiar faces in addition to the town itself. Seeing everybody reaffirmed the excitement of my trip and the notion that it’s the right thing to do. Newark, Del. treated me well the last four years, and taught me what it means to live in a town so fully that every stone that lines the sidewalk feels like home. You could say it’s a feeling soon to be recreated elsewhere, that feeling of home. Though, in all likelihood the definition will change.

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