Set Sail

A few weeks back I changed the header on this here blog. A desert to a city, except that, I’m a little deeper with my shit. Yesterday I posted the “Deuces” video under the title Dear New City. Allow me to explain for those who are confused. Fourteen years ago, I moved from Orlando to New York. My family really, but still, I left the place I was born, the place that most of my relatives call home, and most everyone else calls vacation. Well, tomorrow I begin a journey that ends with me moving back to Orlando. Since I graduated from college on May 28th, I tried my hand at entering the job force. I tried to land a nice newspaper or magazine job for myself, and for whatever reason (I would bet, that like me, you suspect there’s more than one) nothing materialized. My friends got jobs, got on some new New York City shit, and I felt stagnant at home. Well that changes tomorrow. My header’s been Orlando for a while now, and whether anyone realized it or not, that’s where my heads been, too. Quite possibly my favorite artist of all time, Kanye West, released a brand new song today, “See Me Now.” In it, he raps, “I admit, my first watch was a Fossil, now I’m in the Louvre… looking for fossils.” And I’ll rock my Fossil watch when I set sail manana. Ha.

Update: Almost forgot to mention that I’ll be reverting back to photo blogging during my trip. I’ll try to post as many pics as possible from the new iPhone 4 jumpoff, don’t know when I’ll have time to write.

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