Wrap-It Up

Too many random thoughts to wrangle into one comprehensive post, so it’s back to the bullet points we go.

  • Watched Jersey Shore last night. They’re clearly revving up the drama with Ronnie-Sammi and Angelina. I will say I enjoyed it, but the season preview looks like it has those elements of forced drama. It happened on the Real World a long long time ago, but it’s the point in which cast members are just overly emotional/bitchy/volatile because they know that’s what the network wants.
  • American Idol is dead. Or a the very least, close to it. Simon’s out, and now Ellen. I know she was criticized as a bad fit for the show, but her departure just tells me the producers are losing control of their vision. You’re coming off arguably your worst season and then lose your biggest draw plus some other collateral pieces…doesn’t look good.
  • Tough weekend for movies. I was looking forward to Dinner for Schmucks, but mixed reviews have me reconsidering. Other releases include the Zac Efron weepie Charlie St. Cloud and a film that needs no introduction, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Looks like a beach weekend.
  • Just pre-ordered Mike Posner’s 31 Minutes to Takeoff on iTunes for $7.99. I loved his mixtape One Foot Out the Door, and the pre-order comes with a free single (and it isn’t “Cooler Than Me”). For some reason been in a Posner-Drake-Cudi kind of mood today.
  • Have a good weekend everybody. Be Safe.

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2 Responses to Wrap-It Up

  1. Dan Schneider says:

    In regards to point one about the jersey shore, I have to say I disagree with your impression. I think Sami the entire last season was a catty super bitch who thinks she better than everyone. And now with the merger of Jwow and Snookie they’re not gonna take it anymore. Also, Angelina is annoying because that’s the only way she’ll ever get attention either on or off the show. I think the fireworks that will ensue will be awesome, its like getting to watch 7 people self destruct for free.

    And I can’t wait to see the shenanigans dj pauly d and the situation get into. They’re their own sub plot of hilarity. All the cast members are just so over the top, and I would argue have always been which will make for some great television

    bullet 2: I’ve never liked idol, and never will.

    Bullet 3 – agreed, even though its been out awhile, if you havnt seen how to train ur dragon, see it, most adorable movie you’ll ever see, no matter how manly you are

  2. Diamondstone says:

    Saw Dinner for Schmucks. Funny, but wouldn’t spend the money to see it in theaters. Steve Carrell is great as always, and Galifinakis is always hysterical, but I just can’t like Paul Rudd. No matter how hard I try, he’s just a douche.

    Lovin’ the blog, Ted, keep it up!

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