Inside the Vault

I’ve encountered a number of people highly resistant to Twitter. People who say to me either a) “why should I care about the trivial things you do in your not so exciting life” or b)”why should I care about the trivial things arrogant celebrities do in their semi-exciting lives.” Now, without going in to a defense-of-Twitter tirade, allow me to direct your attention to a one Mr. Kanye West. The prolific producer turned rapper went on a bit of a hiatus after he stormed Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last years VMAs. And justifiably so. When you have the collective America peoples calling you a jerk, it might be a good idea to lay low for a while. He returned this summer with an expertly crafted single (“Power”), but remained out of the mainstream visibility. That is, until this week, when Yeezy went from 0 to 60 in the viral marketing of his upcoming CD, formerly titled Good Ass Job. On Tuesday Ye visited the Facebook offices and performed a number of cuts off his new project, a capella. An unheard of maneuver from an artist with no realistic comparison, past or present. (If you’re still bitter over how he did Swift wrong, check out “Mama’s Boyfriend” below. Say what you will about his polarizing personality, and I will get to that later, but it’s refreshing to see someone write music from their heart, especially when one of the day’s leading pop artist has success with a song titled “Blah Blah Blah.”) West then recreated his performance at Twitter headquarters. Seems like a working formula. A Capella new material + Social Media offices = send the Internet into a frenzy/remind people that there is some validity to his genius claims. But that’s not the point of this post. As of yesterday, K.West is officially a Twitter user, and needless to say, he has quickly become the most entertaining celebrity to follow. He amassed 150,000 followers and posted 50 tweets in his first day. “So what” you may say, but “what” is what I will tell you. As demonstrated in this hilarious Aziz Ansari bit, Kanye West is a character that says some funny shit. Keep in mind, the egotistical aspect of these tweets mixed with the casualness in which he references the extravagances of his life makes for high comedy. And as for the egotism, I think of it like Donald Trump’s hair — he knows it’s a flaw, and just embraces it unapologetically. Here are some of my favorites:

I hate half empty water bottles so I copped these #goblets to drink out of about 10 hours ago via Twitpic

I copped this to eat cereal out of turning the crib real Kingish #ITSAPROCESS about 10 hours ago via Twitpic

Hold on… let me see if I can get a pic of this small ass jet!!! about 14 hours ago via web

with this shortly following:

You may very well not care about any of this, but here’s what I get out of it. First, it’s the return of our generations most creative minded, out-spoken, and charismatic artists. And not only does this mark his return, it now allows us receive first-person quotes from this person, a glimpse into his undoubtedly complex and intriguing psyche. And second, it gives all die-hard Kanye fans something to nibble on until that 5th opus is released. It may not be much, but anything released from the man, whether musical, written, or otherwise, will get followers giddy. As he raps on “Power:”

I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts
Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault

Share your treasures with us Kanye! Even if it’s only one gold shilling at a time.

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