Ms. lou Harris

The last piece I wrote for my beloved Review, was a memorial for “Lost.” It was a plea to all non-fans to strongly consider investing time into the show. It was also, albeit indirectly, a plea for oblivious TV fans, those who live for “America’s Got Talent” and “The Bachlorette” to pay attention to the Emmy’s (read: high quality, award-winning television). (I did the same for the Oscars, but was a bit more blunt with that one). Well, guess what loyal following? My prediction that “Lost” would rake in Emmy nominations was dead on. “Outstanding Drama Series” “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” (Matthew Fox) 2 “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” (Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson — both have won this category in the past). And that’s without looking at all the technical awards. I don’t tell you all of this to boast or declare myself the next Paul the Octopus, but rather to call your attention to the fact that the nominations are out, and to encourage you let them burn your bum. My summer project is “True Blood.” It has it’s own share of Emmy nods, but my motives were grounded more in ease than anything else. The HBO series just began it’s third season which means there are only two to tackle now, and each is only 12 episodes long. “Mad Men” is also on the to do list, but will require a bit more time and effort. What will be your summer TV project? “Breaking Bad”? “Damages”? One of the aforementioned? None? That’s fine, but award show’s are SO much more fun when you have invested stake in the athletes squaring up at the starting line.  And if “Lost” walks away with a pocket full of statuettes..well then I’d say I (double) told you so.

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