We Jammin

Experienced a strange first last night. Once a month, when the moon is full, peace-loving Floridians gather outside the Orlando Brewery to participate in a very surreal, loud, and character-filled drum circle. I won’t make any slanderous comments towards the hippies, earth children, and unclassifiable “others” that were there, because, well, that cynical take would be far too easy. The circle contained approximately 40 members, some who brought their own drums, some who were merely there to sip and observe, and a select few who, to my surprise, brought a different instrument entirely. A didgeridoo is an Australian wind instrument typically 5 feet or so in length. I have never seen a didgeridoo performance, let alone been aware of the fact that there are those who lug their didgeridoos over to the Orlando Brewery in order to lay a continuous high-pitched hum over top the already mystifying drum circle. It was surely an interesting experience, and maybe my perspective is one that restricts me from fully embracing it, but certain aspects (such as the didgeridoo association or the hand-crafted wooden flutes for sale) just seemed odd to me. I was captivated by the thought that upon choosing an instrument for oneself, some gravitate to the didgeridoo. And these people are serious, belting out notes with purpose and passion. I would estimate maybe 10 to 15 were present. Regardless, the drum circle was a refreshing departure from the normal weekend evening activities. With a few belly dancers and one flame-slinging-guy (see video below, and note the hundred keg backdrop) to boot, the whole scene provided sufficient amount of entertainment and distraction, even if it was all repetitive and deafening. Anyways, that was last night’s event of note. Watching the World Cup Final now. I’m a fan of both teams, but would enjoy a Netherlands victory more.

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