Single Tear

Had a busy day yesterday, flying from Orlando to Baltimore and then back before night time. I was concerned I’d miss the all holy “Lebron’s decision” but was able to make it the the Orlando Ale House in time (see pic below). Needless to say, I was less than pleased with what that decision was: Lebron’s going to Miami to play alongside Wade, Bosh, and this at Center. It’s a polarizing decision to say the least. It’s a decision that, no matter what, results with 1 city liking you and 5 cities hating you. It’s a decision that proved me wrong about Lebron: his ego wasn’t as big as it seemed. He apparently CAN play in Wade’s city, sit passenger, pass up the big stage. He valued winning over all. But there is no doubting that a championship in New York would mean a ton more for his legacy then one in Miami. It’s clear that he wasn’t as concerned with the conditions of his ring as much as I (or we) thought he would be. A shift in his career was inevitable, but I’m saddened and disappointed to see him choose the easy, smaller, less risk-less reward way. But for him I only cry a single tear. See, while I remain an Orlando Magic fan, I do have love for my home state team. But know this, things are on the up and up for the knickerbockers (read: Melo 2011!!!).

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2 Responses to Single Tear

  1. Grammy says:

    Thanks for including me in you circle of communications. Poppy and I so enjoyed being with you. Many wonderful old memories surfaced.
    Love, Grammy

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