Multiple things of note:

  • NBA Free Agency has officially begun, and it’s safe to say that it has occupied the general consciousness off all sports fans for the last, and next, 30 days. The big question is Where will Lebron end up? it seems to have replaced all questions regarding Iraq and BP. I for one have mixed feelings toward the whole hoopla. Yes, it has reached a level of overkill and redundancy. Yes, ESPN will keep talking about it until something happens. And Yes, it is that important. For non-NBA fans, consider this: this summer marks the entire realignment of an American sports league. I’ve heard the term “hijacked” for what is going on, and it’s true. Lebron is holding every NBA team, every NBA fan captive. But also know this, the summer of 2010 will be far more memorable for this than the World Cup. This is ESPN 30 for 30 material, and it will forever be ingrained in sports fans’ memories as the summer the NBA shifted, the summer everyone was thinking the same thing, and the summer of Lebron. When I’m 60, and Lebron has long retired, and his soon-to-be fulfilled legacy has been cemented, I will look at this summer and say “This guy had us all biting at the bit, dying to know what he was thinking.” And the funniest part is, the build-up will be tremendous, the climax will be instantaneous. Poof – anticipation released.
  • Was going to see The Last Airbender, but you don’t have to tell me twice consensus movie critics, the movie stinks and I am staying away.
  • Back in Orlando, which means back on my culinary grizzy. Ate at Crave today for lunch. The atmosphere was very chic, with an almost Asian feel. But the menu was as diverse as could be – many salads, sandwiches, entrees, pizzas, and so on. Got the herb-crusted grouper sandwich (which you’ll be happy to find I posted below).
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