Last night turned out to be a better movie night then I thought. My thoughts on “Knight and Day” to come later, but as I walked into the theater for a 9:00 p.m. showing, past the IMAX theater and into the AMC, it became overwhelmingly apparent that there was a certain significance to this night that I overlooked entirely. “Twilight:Eclipse” was premiering at midnight. The wings of the Palisades Mall were filled with tents, which were filled with ecstatic 11-16 year girls, which were filled with anticipation and thumping hearts. I cannot possibly over-exaggerate the magnitude of these lines. Hoards of girls; some in “Team Edward” shirts, some in “Team Jacob” shirts, and some so hopped up on adrenaline that one can only wonder exactly how long they’ve been sitting there. One band of little ladies broke out a “Happy Birthday” chant right in the middle of line, with everybody in the theater lobby to hear. I don’t have any specific hatred to the “Twilight” series, although I am also heavily resistant to it, but I was more than entertained to have chosen this night for a movie outing. I mean, this was a sight, and one that I was happy to view from the outside in. The flick’s got a 51% on RT, but I suspect most of it’s audience couldn’t care less about that. As for “Knight and Day,” I liked it, my brother didn’t. And that polarizing effect comes down to whether or not you’re able to accept the fact that this movie is not based on even one ounce of reality. The locations are too perfect, the one-lines are too perfect, and the characters are, well, you know. But, get over that, and it all adds up to a joy ride of whizzing bullets and beautiful scenery. Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller, a FBI agent gone rogue, who bumps into June, Cameron Diaz, at an airport and protects her afterward as the same group that’s after him, comes looking for her. “Knight and Day” is undoubtedly campy, and Cruise recognizes this every time he showcases that signature smirk. Miller is one of those classic Cruise characters, so obscenely perfect in everything he does. Pick off bad guys with a whip? Yep. Crash land a commercial airliner? Sure. It preposterous and campy, yes, but also undeniably fun. Motorcycle cycle chases through the streets of Spain. Running on Ausrian rooftops. Popping up on tiny remote islands. It’s a trip around the world with two A-list movie stars and some heavy artillery, you’re either on board or you’re not. You either smile at the tacky, unbelievability of it all, or shake your head at it. I was smiling, but shaking my head at the 11 year old girl next to me who sent 55 texts in the 110 minute span. Probably asking someone how “Eclipse” was turning out.

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