Seeing Knight and Day tonight. The reviews are mixed, but I got the impression that at the very least it’s an entertaining action flick with capable stars. And on the subject of action movies, I’ve been disappointed as of late. I semi-enjoyed Iron Man 2 (although I would exclude superhero movies from this), but it seems the genre has entered a state of one-ups-manship. Blame it on Transformers and Michael Bay if you want, but what will it take to make an action movie to be great, short of showing the audience an explosion unlike any explosion they’ve ever seen before? The recent release of “The A-Team” is a good example of this. And I really do think we’ve seen it all. Plus, even films that are without a doubt visually stunning (“2012” “Prince of Persia”) can still stink of all hell. Anyways, I try to stick to comedy and drama’s but can be persuaded to go action occasionally. The excuse tonight? Going back to Florida tomorrow and I want to get some quality time in with the little bro.

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