Julie Andrews

Summer officially started June 21st, and while I addressed the topics of eye wear and drinks, neither rank in my top 5 favorite things about the summer, summer, summer time. Now there are of course drawbacks to this squelching season; sweating in your sleep, sweating when you brush your teeth, and for some of us, sweating your post-college life. But staying Raisin Bran sun optimistic will yield you a memorable summer, no doubt.  Without no further ado…in no particular order.

  • Day parties/BBQs/July 4th – Back in my heydays at the U of D, we called this “bro-ing out.” Essentially, gathering with your friends, and instead of feeling the effects of a late night getting later, you keep it going all day long. A grill master (read: someone’s dad) is essential, as is music. You should already have a summer playlist complied, or at least a few songs or ideas in mind. Think a little Passion Pit, a little Lady Gaga, a little Drake. There’s also a Katy Perry song out right now that she probably intended for such an occasion.
  • Being Pool Side – Whether you’re posted up on vacation at your resorts pool (insert me July 21), or stationed at your own back yard oasis, nothing says summer like a dip in the water. Even better — I played basketball outdoors last week and immediately jumped in pool. Quite possibly the most refreshing experience of my life.
  • Driving around with the windows/top down – arm on the window sill, music up, top down, breeze blowing, good times.
  • Bathing suits – This is different from pool side because it doesn’t necessarily involve water. It’s really just a nice way of saying that I like to see girls in tanks, short shorts, and something like this.
  • Frozen treats – Snickers Ice cream bars are a personal favorite, but whatever your choice, ice cream/popsicles/frozen fruit is an indulgence that just isnt the same in the winter, fall, spring.

Update: This too.

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