Lend me your eyes

Had my wisdom teeth pulled today. In other words, my new best friends are percocets, mashed potatoes, and ice packs. But a US victory (a thrilling one at that) has me in higher spirits then I would otherwise be. Plus, it could be worse, I could be one of these guys. To keep myself entertained I will naturally be turning to the television; Jeopardy is a must, but when it comes to prime time, some investigating is crucial. “Persons Unknown” has been an easy pick up for two reasons: it’s supercharged with mystery and its a mini-series, so all will be answered by the end of summer. I also enjoy it’s time slot predecessor, “Last Comic Standing,” although it does have the “American Idol” gene with a more entertaining audition round.  Of course, for those with HBO you have True Blood (which I would love to get into if my library didn’t have a 30 person wait list for season one) and Entourage. Beyond that though, the summer schedule is barren — with one exception. That little gem known as “Futurama” returns tomorrow night on Comedy Central at 10:00 p.m. EST. Oh, and for all those who don’t know me, my favorite show, “No Reservations” starts it’s new season July 5. Take my word on this one, it’s a show you will fall in love with, that is, unless you’re the type of person who enjoys getting their teeth pulled.

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