Greekin Out

Just got back from my first movie of the summer, Get Him to the Greek, and since you’ve been patiently waiting for my opinion on it, I will deliver. First, the obvious: the D the I the DDY was as good as everyone says. The office scene was superb, and every other time he popped up, it was a joy. Russel Brand, who only wins me over more every time I see him, was good as well, and gives the seemingly puddle-deep Aldous Snow some serious emotion. The other star, Jonah Hill, was good as the center of the film, but ultimately trails the other two in presence.

This is a film that more then earns it’s R rating, and while I’m a fan of the cleverly placed expletive, having it in excess can make the filth feel like a crutch. What was most enjoyable though was seeing Snow and hearing his drug/sex/rock’n’roll induced blabber. His monologue on the private plane is priceless, and the glimmer of reality hidden in the his hazy philosophy makes him more than just a circus attraction.

The choice was A-Team or GHTTG, and the deciding factor for me was experience. A-Team would surely blow things up with great skill, but I wanted a laugh with some sweet and honest message in the end, and walked away feeling content

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