As is always the case with hip-hop, new music either floods headphones, or eardrums are left in a dry spell. It may be the competitive spirit of the genre – you think his discs good? check mine – or that rappers have synced in cycle – record, release, tour, repeat – but either way, summer 2010 is shaping up to be a smorgasbord of new material, and anyone who considers themselves a hip-hop head should have their lobster bib in hand. We’ll start with Drake, whose debut album leaked on the internet last week, more than 10 days before its June 15 release date. Call it too soft or too mainstream, but one listen to the disc and its clear that raps most promising young talent has got skills. It may not have been a Strasberg-esque performance, but Drizzy’s ability to write, sing, and call upon some formidable friends shows that the young one kicked off the summer right. Eminem’s album is slated to drop one week after Drakes, but has also fallen through the plumbing cracks. I haven’t given it a listen yet, but the word on the street is good. Like it matters, this guy is arguably the best rapper of all time (keyword: arguably) who has reemerged into a hypnotic zone that has evaded him for years now. There is no doubt that Recovery will be a menacing tornado of wordplay, pot-shots, introspection, and dominance. the fun continues into July, with Big Boi’s long awaited Sir Luscious Left Foot: the Son of Chico Dusty dropping July 6th. Not enough for ya? Ok, have Plies, Rick Ross, Diddy, T.I., a cup of coffee, and rest easy knowing your summer will not be void of hot music this year.

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